Party Balloon Russian Roulette Gun

by edwin - on March 26th, 2010

gun-rouletteThere is nothing quite like winding down after a long hard week at the office with a few drinks, good friends and great banter. Why not have some fun while you are halfway towards your drunk treshold with the Party Balloon Russian Roulette Gun? This cute little drinking game could just help the table speed up everyone’s journey towards being smashed, never mind if England wins the World Cup later this year. All you need to do is load up the revolver with a balloon, and cock the gun to spin the chamber. Pull the trigger to see if the balloon bursts – too bad for the person whom this happens to as he/she will have to take a drink! Since there are six barrels, it works best with a corresponding number of players. £8.99 is the asking price for this fun party game.

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