Condom dresses make a unique statement

by edwin - on March 30th, 2010

condom-dressChances are you might have seen these condom dresses make their rounds when it comes to email forwards, and it does pique the imagination. Certainly a dress like this isn’t going to be cheap simply because of the material used, but also the painstaking amount of man hours that has to be invested to make sure it turns out all pretty and dazzling without having folks to second guess what it is made of. This best remains as a concept since it would be pretty impractical (not to mention hot in the negative sense) to wear around, but at least you need not worry about keeping your stash of Jimmy Hats in the bedroom drawer – just peel one off the dress and you’re good to go!

Source: Green Diary

One thought on “Condom dresses make a unique statement”

  1. bridgette stevens says:

    This is awesome, how did you get the skirt so flat, did you melt the condoms….i thought condoms were indestructable…… thinking about making one, but i want the condoms to be flat on the material, have any advice??

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