Singing Kero Alarm Clock

by edwin - on February 3rd, 2010

kero-clockIf you live in a place near nature that has plenty of lush vegetation around (or waterways), then chances are a heavy torrent of rain will more often than not result in some frogs croaking happily away after that. It can be quite soothing with their rhythmic, almost poetic, croaking, while some others could find it to be nothing more than another irritating noise. If you fall under the latter category, then the Singing Kero Alarm Clock would be a great addition to your bedrooom as it would definitely do its bit in waking you up. Forking out $53 for it, however, is another matter that you might want to reconsider. This frog duet not only sings, but dances merrily as well (happy to see you get up of bed we presume). Features include a digital calendar with day and date display on a big, clear, backlit LCD.

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