Miterudake for Lady DVD

by edwin - on February 1st, 2010

miterudake-dvdIt is rather hard to believe that in this day and age, we still have super shy ladies who not only giggle nervously, shifting their feet while looking downwards when faced with a man (and not even a hunk at that). Well, to think this happens in Japan! Fret not, just as every problem has a solution, so do we have the Miterudake for Lady DVD that could turn you into a social butterfly. ‘Miterudake’ stands for ‘only looking’ in Japanese, and comes with 51 young men staring directly into the camera lens for a minute each, ending their repertoire with a quick smile and a reassuring phrase. This DVD targets those whose “heart was almost broken at love and interpersonal relationships”, and to make matters worse, none of the guys staring back are remotely good looking, a foreigner or above the 20’s age group.

Source: Inventorspot

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