iFelt is almost an iPad

by ally - on February 19th, 2010


In grade school there was always that kid that really didn’t have any friends, so they’d make up fake ones.  Don’t worry, if that was you, we’re not judging.  Well now you can basically do the adult version of that.  Can’t afford an iPad?  That’s ok, just carry around a fake one.  Sure, it won’t really work and it’s made out of felt, but you won’t have spent $500 either.  I’m just curious about one thing.  If it’s the thought that counts and everyone thinks you’re crazy due to pretending a piece of felt is an actual iPad.  Where does that leave you?  Most likely it’s not grounds to keep you in a padded room. At least I’m pretty sure.  If you’d like your own iFelt you’ll have to make your own.  This one is just a project that someone whipped up for themselves.

Source: NerdApproved

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