Deluxe Spin The Bottle

by edwin - on February 18th, 2010

deluxe-spinthebottleSpin The Bottle is a game that most of us would have gone through while growing up, and even in our drunken, adult parties, the game is played with much more sauciness to boot. Why not go one step further with the Deluxe Spin The Bottle which retails for £9.99?

Now the possibilities are a whole lot naughtier than a simple peck on the lips! Strictly for adults only, this Deluxe Spin The Bottle will have you all tickling, massaging, stripping, singing and Eskimo kissing round the circle. Spin the bottle once to pick the lucky player, then spin the wheel to see what they must do. With six different games to choose from, you can choose if you fancy exotic kisses, fun dares or naughty stripping. Perfect for parties, sleepovers or nights in with your mates, partner or both!

Any takers? After all, alcohol is well known to help folks lose their inhibition in social settings, so why not get the resident geek smashed with some booze and a few rounds of Deluxe Spin The Bottle?

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