Pac-man sponge cleans up dirt and grease

by edwin - on January 25th, 2010

pacman-kitchen-spongeWho says Pac-man eats nothing but fruits, candy (followed by ghosts for dessert) and pills? This Pac-man sponge does more as it cleans up grime and dirt on all your used pots, pans and dishes. Of course, we would think it to be rather foolish to fork out $8.50 for this when you can always buy a whole lot of yellow sponge for that kind of money, cutting out many Pac-man shapes in the process. Of course, the handmade version might not be as polished as this, but who cares after a few washes?

Source: Technabob

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  1. Splat says:

    I bought these and loved them, I’m going to buy more, I hope they still have them!

    If your in the UK can get them here:

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