Grumpy Val Pals hate Valentine’s Day

by edwin - on January 15th, 2010

grumpy-palsValentine’s Day is approaching, but as usual it looks as though you are going to spend it alone with your Xbox 360. Well, why not get some buddies who identify with how you feel accompany you on February 14th this year? The Grumpy Val Pals were once cute creatures, but after being continuously spurned by lover after lover, they now sport a permanent scowl with signs that inform those all around they’re on a Valentine’s Day strike. You will be able to to choose from Cupid, Frog, Monkey or Bear designs, where each 5″ Grumpy Val Pal will come in it’s own display box. You can bring one home for $5.95, but a beastiary of all four is cheaper at $17.95.

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