Dave the skull-shaped light

by ally - on January 26th, 2010


Meet Dave, Dave was never actually alive, but he sure looks that way.  Dave is meant to light your room with his bright white skull.  Sure, he’ll probably give small children nightmares and scare away any house guests, but Dave doesn’t actually mean any harm.  Just give him the energy saving light bulb he requires and he’ll dutifully brighten your life.  He comes with UK or European electric fittings for those worried about such things.  Although the European version is a little more expensive.  The UK will cost you £ 54 or about $87.  Whereas the European one is £ 56 or about $90 from Mixko.

Source: Bookofjoe

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  1. F. says:

    You say “scare away house guests” like it’s a bad thing?!

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