Danger Bio-Hazard Toilet Paper

by edwin - on January 31st, 2010

willy-warmerIf you happen to have had a mean bowl of Thai curry the night before, chances are pretty good you would be paying homage to the porcelain throne in the most irreverent manner possible with your strafing bombing runs. Why not alert those in the same house by using the Danger Bio-Hazard Toilet Paper? It gives ample warning to prevent people from entering, but chances are their olfactory senses would have been affected long before that. Still, each roll comes with 2-ply tissue and is good for 360 wipes if used properly. Would you fork out $4.95 for a roll?

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  1. sly says:

    lol.. the picture is wrong- I was rading this, looking back to the knitted willy warmer that you put in this post, wonder how exatly that worked… and how it was toilet paper.

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