Cubicle Doorbell

by edwin - on January 20th, 2010

cubicle-doorbellOne often ends up as a cubicle zombie during the first few years at the office, and depending on the Peter Principle, it will take some time for you to ascend head and shoulders above your co-workers to own a room of your own. Well, while you’re still under the cubicle category, why not purchase the Cubicle Doorbell so that people will have the common decency to buzz you before they accidentally stumble upon you searching for other jobs while at the office, or even worse, surfing NSFW sites? One thing’s for sure though – you would definitely freak out a whole lot of people with the range of 12 dozen sounds to choose from including a door chime, bird call, foghorn, funky drum, antique car horn, alien laser and 80’s keyboard among others.

Source: Funniest Gadgets

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