Vibrating alarm clock

by edwin - on December 11th, 2009

vibrating-clockNobody likes to wake up before the appointed time, and even if they do, I’m pretty sure that most of them would prefer something that is soothing and gradual instead of the usual din. Unfortunately, there are more than a handful of us out there who find getting out of bed to be a terrible hard thing to do, hence all those alarm clocks out there that cause a cacaphonious din each morning. The vibrating alarm clock you see here is one of those culprits, where you can set extra loud for folks who need that added incentive to get up, while tone control can alternative between high or low frequencies for maximum effect. If you prefer to wake up without a sound, then the vibrating function is there for you to use. An LED lamp will flash to alert you each time your cellphone rings which is pretty self-defeating – assuming you put your phone in silent mode, it means you might not want to entertain any calls, but the flashing light would prove to be a real distraction. On the other hand, if you wanted to answer calls your phone won’t be in silent mode, which does away with the need for a flashing LED lamp. Interested in this gaudy piece of bedside accessory? It is going for $84.99.

Source: 7gadgets

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  1. deaf guy says:

    Vibrating alarm clocks may seem silly to you but for a deaf person this is a god send. The flashy LED lamp is also something that came out of the deaf world. We use cell phons for text messages and since most people do not take their phones into bed with them this is a good message alert system.

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