Monstrous iPhone battery

by edwin - on December 6th, 2009

iphone-battMost gadgets are meant to simplify your life, but the Monstrous iPhone battery takes the other route as you can tell by its name that your iPhone will bulk up just like the Incredible Hulk, although you do get a whopping 3,000mAh of battery capacity which translates to 8.5 hours of talk time or 8.5 hours of online time, as well as 40 hours of continuous audio playback – more than enough for a return trans-Atlantic flight. LED indicators are included to show the amount of juice remaining, but for frequent travelers, I think carrying around a power adapter would be a lighter idea. The Monstrous iPhone battery is going for $59.99.

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  1. ageekymom says:

    I got one of these for Christmas, but I can’t get it seated properly, so it’s going back!

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