Literary Lites cover up your gas

by ally - on December 16th, 2009


If you know someone heavily into their books that seems to get a kick out of any bathroom humor they hear, this is the gift for them.  You can purchase a container of match sticks that happens to look like a very classic book.  Except that the titles have been altered slightly.  Instead of “The Prince And The Pauper”, it’s now “The Prince And The Pooper”.  There is also “Fart Of Darkness”, “Great Expellations”, “The Great Gasby”, “Van Winkle Ripped” and finally “The Ill Wind In The Willows”.  You get these in sets of three.  The Literary Lites set consists of the first three I listed off, and then the Literary Lites II are the last three in the list.  You can purchase the set for $5 through Etsy.

Source: NerdApproved

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