Control-a-Dog Remote Control

by edwin - on December 16th, 2009

dog-rcThose who own a dog might have undergone training with their pooch using the clicker method. For some of us, our four legged friends seem to have a mind of their own, making us wish that a device like the Control-a-Dog Remote Control actually works.

Thank goodness you can have the Control-A-Dog Remote! Now anyone can have the power of Total Dog Domination in their hand. That’s right! You want Fido to Sit, Stay, Speak, Drop It? Just point the remote at your dog, press the appropriate button, and hope for the best. It’s powered by wishful thinking, so if your brain waves aren’t very strong yet, you may have some issues initially. Don’t worry, keep mashing the button and hoping and one day your dog will stop peeing in the living room.

This 21-button novelty remote control is powered by wishful thinking and retails for $7.99, making it one of the prime candidates for gadget of the year on Foolish Gdagets.

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