SprayMore series from Paintball Landmines

by edwin - on November 6th, 2009

spraymore-seriesYou will never look at the sport of paintball the same way again once you have experienced the Spraymore series from Paintball Landmines.

Introducing the SprayMore series, a complete line of advanced, completely reusable Paintball Landmines that range from tripwire models to wirelessly detonated versions that are guaranteed to change the way you play Paintball! From large to small, spraying Paint or Water, each one packs quite a punch. Wirelessly detonated models can be triggered from up to 100 feet away!

It will definitely give new meaning to “home ground advantage” as you pepper your opponents with these booby traps. Of course, they can always be used as a kind of diversion, where you ambush your unsuspecting opponents from behind while they tiptoe warily around the SprayMore.

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