Pumpkin Cask a bit too late to the party

by edwin - on November 3rd, 2009

pumpkincaskThe Pumpkin Cask would’ve made for a great Halloween party prop, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get one for your home next year. The Pumpkin Cask is able to add fun and flair to your grown-up party by transforming Jack into a ghostly sommelier in the form of 3L premium wine casks – that’s the equivalent of four bottles or 20 five ounce glasses of wine, giving it the potential to up your party reputation by another notch. Here’s a novel idea on one of its many uses.

Host a blind wine tasting with multiple cask-o-lanterns. Choose three to five premium varietals from the list below and place each in its own carved pumpkin. Using a permanent marker, number each of the pumpkins. Than let your guests sip and write down their preferences. Compare notes. When everyone is ready, reveal the identities of the wines. Have some seasonal nibbles on hand such as toasted pumpkin seeds from your wine cask o-lantern pumpkins, baked mini-quiches from the frozen food aisle, shots of creamy pumpkin soup, oven-baked chicken drumsticks. And for dessert? Bowls of trick-or-treat candy. Candy corn anyone?

Any other types of wine suggestions can you think of to include in this spooked out wine cask?

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