On The Cuff makes sure water stays in sink

by ally - on November 1st, 2009


Many people have strange things that just make them completely crazy.  One of them is apparently having water run down their arms while they’re washing the dishes or their face.  Well luckily now someone has even created a solution for something most of us would barely consider a problem.  These cuffs are one size fits all and won’t tear when you slip them on.  They even come with their very own mesh bag.  To pick up a pair it’ll cost you $7.99.

Source: Crave

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  1. Emilie says:

    This would be good for someone like me that works in a restaurant and has to wash many dishes by hand and put them on a high shelf above the sinks. I hate it when I’m putting something away and all of a sudden there’s ice cold water running up my arm and down the inside of my shirt. Bleh.
    I don’t see how it would help too many people at home though.

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