Minimee Keychain

by edwin - on November 7th, 2009

minimeeThe next time you want to strike up an interesting conversation with someone else in a social setting, you might want to consider non-chalantly whipping out the Minimee Keychain. After all, certainly something which bears an uncanny resemblance to you will definitely elicit a response, right?

Made to order, these individually crafted, slightly manga-esque dolls are set to become the keyring accessories of choice for narcissistic curio fans everywhere, as they depict – wait for it – you! That’s right, simply send us a photo and Minimee’s team of skilled artists will get busy creating a comedy mini you. Think of them as 3D versions of those amusing caricatures you get at the seaside minus the sniggering onlookers. If vanity is not your thing, Minimee Keychains make brilliantly unique pressies for friends and family. Simply pilfer a photo of the person you want immortalised in plastic and leave the rest to us. You can even send in a pic of a celeb. Just think, you could have Brucie in your pocket, Cheggars dangling from your phone and Posh in your purse.

The Minimee Keychain can be yours for £19.95 per head – not cheap, but will definitely make one of the more unique gifts around.

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  1. Guy McFadden-Newman says:

    I ordered 3 of these in December as Christmas presents, paid via PayPal, nothing arrived, contacted Minimee who said theyd look into it, despite several emails (including evidence that Id paid and hadnt been redunded) to them since they have totally ignored me. Dont buy anything from them.

  2. Guy McFadden-Newman says:

    Just to add, I ordered them direct from Minimee and not through Foolish Gadgets.

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