Laptopper portable shelf

by edwin - on November 2nd, 2009

laptopperDo you happen to have to fight your way through horrendous traffic jams during your daily commute? Then the Laptopper portable shelf might be your device of choice, allowing you to work in your car. Of course, it is highly recommended to pull over and do your work without running the risk of being involved in an accident or getting a ticket.

The Laptopper Portable Shelf fits over your steering wheel and makes a handy portable table, perfect for your laptop. It can be used as a general purpose table for eating, reading, writing or rolling. The Laptopper can also fit over a headrest so you can use it for the backseat to hold a laptop or portable DVD player. It folds flat to a very slim size so you can slip it between your car seats or underneath for easy storage. You can also use the Laptopper as a heat shield when using your computer on your lap.

Made from durable, washable nylon, the Laptopper portable shelf retails for $14.99 each.

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