Digital Photo Frame Fridge Magnet

by edwin - on November 13th, 2009

digital-fridge-magnetNo two fridges are the same once they have made their way to a home, as many people would personalize it with a slew of photos, stickers and magnets. Well, instead of rotating between different photos, how about taking the digital route with the Digital Photo Frame Fridge Magnet? Sounds like a good idea at the beginning since it comes with 32MB of internal memory, allowing it to store around 60 photos in a variety of image formats, displaying them in a slideshow manner via its 2.4″ display, but we do have second thoughts about it. Knowing just how fragile magnets are and with curious kids around, chances are pretty high the Digital Photo Frame Fridge Magnet would be sent crashing down onto the floor at least once in its lifetime, which could very well be the first and last time, too! Not worth forking out $39.99 for this, methinks.

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