USB Tape Express

by edwin - on October 26th, 2009

mp3-tapeEven after you’ve moved on to the world of MP3s and digital music, do you happen to still own your audio tape collection, stashed away in a box somewhere in the attic? Chances are the answer is yes if you’re a pack rat and happen to be born during the earlier second half of the last century. You will probably have migrated to CDs over the years and repurchased your music all over again on iTunes to go with your iPod, but there are some rare tracks on audio tapes that have not yet made the digital jump – which is where the USB Tape Express comes in. All you need to do is hook the device up to your computer via USB and pop in an old tape, running the conversion process via a painless software that’s included. The asking price for this? £49.95. Just make sure your old audio tapes have not turned moldy along the way…

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