Mini Working Vintage Lighter Cufflinks

by ally - on October 6th, 2009


People are all the time trying to bum a light off of each other.  I get pestered and I don’t even smoke.  Well now you can look ultra suave when you’re asked for a light, because of course you have one and it’s always within easy reach.  With miniature lighter cufflinks you’ll always stand out from the crowd.  Likely as the biggest geek within the crowd, but you will indeed stand out.  Not only can you get your hands on some lighter cufflinks, but the creator has stated that they can create a necklace or a ring.  Of course in order to light any of those you have to take them off, since the metal will get hot after it’s been lit.  At least you’ll always have a lighter handy though.  You can purchase the set of cufflinks for $40 on Etsy.

Source: Technabob

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  1. Jasper says:

    I found 1 of these in a closet in my house and it is missing flint and the flint cap do you know where i could buy these pices without having to buy a whole new set?

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