Home Duvet Cover made to look like cardboard boxes

by ally - on October 25th, 2009


Now you can take your fashion tips from a slightly different crowd.  Instead of flipping through some fashion magazine, you can take a cue from those living on the streets.  There’s no need to get pretty covers for your bed, instead you can pick up one that looks like a few cardboard boxes taped together.  Of course, it won’t feel that way and you won’t even have to sleep on the ground.  Which means you get the best of both worlds.  Despite this being an incredibly odd choice in bedding, it does actually have a very cool twist to it.  The company selling these will take 30% of the gross profits to go to a charity for homeless young people.  Which makes the £49.95 or about $81, a little easier to swallow since it does go to a good cause.

Source: NerdApproved

3 thoughts on “Home Duvet Cover made to look like cardboard boxes”

  1. skeev says:

    I bought some of these a while ago thinking it was a brilliant idea.

    the thing is the pic above looks so much better than the real thing which isn’t realistic im afraid

    Its high quality made tho the cover needs fastenings to stop the duvet from falling out the end over and over and over as there is only a flap.

    Good news that 30% goes to charity as they are kinda expensive.

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