Golden OX Figure USB Webcam

by edwin - on October 4th, 2009

golden-oxOnce in a while, something that puts you off pace totally comes along – and we would like to think that the Golden OX Figure USB Webcam is one such device considering it looks absolutely horrendous, with a neck that makes it look more like a mutated giraffe than anything else. Seriously, you might even get goosebumps from looking at this as though it hailed from the very pits of hell itself judging by its design, making it more suitable to be placed on a human sacrifice altar compared to your average workdesk environment. Perhaps it is alluding to the fact that modern offices are nothing but hashes of altars of yore, where employees “give up” their lives daily just for the boss? Who knows – I won’t be touching the $16.69 Golden OX Figure USB Webcam with a 10-foot pole anyways.

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