Evel Knievel Rip Pull

by edwin - on October 9th, 2009

rip-pullEvel Knievel is one of the first and foremost names that flashes across your mind when it comes to stuntmen, and now Firebox is offering the £9.99 Evel Knievel Rip Pull that measures 10cm x 7cm, providing (almost) as much thrills and spills as the real person, although you won’t need to be saddled with insanely high insurance premiums with this.

All you do is pull the ripcord through the rear wheel to crank the gyro and you’re away. If anything, this fearless little Evel’s even faster than the iconic best seller. Plus he’s seriously portable. There’s even a stunt ramp and ominous-looking cut-out ‘ring of fire’ incorporated into the packaging. Next stop, Snake Canyon! Well maybe not. How about the conference room? Just think of the fun you’ll have using various desktop accessories to help/hinder your diminutive daredevil. He can leap over rows of red staplers, plummet into pin-infested pen tidies, and wheelie past piles of annual reports before performing wince-inducing wipe-outs en route to A and E. It’s just like the glory days, because watching poor ol’ Evel come a cropper is half the fun. Well okay, it’s all the fun. Hell, yeah!

Looks like just the thing to keep you occupied during those long and boring hours at the office. Of course, we’re sure your boss won’t be too amused when a wayward pull sees Evel land on his toupee.

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