Control-A-Kid remote

by edwin - on October 18th, 2009

control-a-kidHave you watched Adam Sandler’s antics in ‘Click’? Well, chances are some of you might actually wish to have the power of a remote control in the palm of your hands, and ThinkGeek has a parody of such a device that will definitely not work on any kid – the Control-A-Kid remote.

There’s no way a remote is going to control the wild beast that is a child. But it will give you (or anyone you give it to as a gift) a great laugh. It’s too bad the “Attitude Off” button doesn’t really work – or the “Eat Greens”. But thankfully the “Grow Up” button is just for show – we want our little monsters around as long as possible. The Control-A-Kid Remote – perfect for a laugh (when you need it the most)!

This is a great gift for parents who need a little bit pick-me-up, where the device itself retails for $6.99.

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