Witches Broom Pens

by edwin - on September 21st, 2009

witch-broom-penInstead of indirectly contributing to the kids’ dental bill down the road after this Halloween, why not give them something connected to the ancient festival without causing cavities? The Witches Broom Pens is a simple novelty gift, where it allows folks within your party to exchange the location of their tombs and crypts for some post-midnight tete-a-tete when paired up with a chemical known as ‘love’. Apart from measuring 8″ long and helping you put down your John Hancock in black ink, the Witches Broom Pens can also function as a mini broom for your desk. They retail for $2.49 a pop and would make for an upgraded accessory for your Harry Potter action figures for a lopsided game of Quidditch.

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