Wheelmate Steering Wheel Desk Tray

by edwin - on September 7th, 2009

With more and more people finding it affordable to purchase their own vehicle worldwide, it goes without saying that traffic jams are an everyday “adventure” one has to go through, especially those living in developing countries where urban planning isn’t all it was supposed to be. Take a look at Bangkok, Jakarta and KL – those three cities do suffer from massive gridlocks each day due to poor planning and a growing middle class, making one spend more time than one should in a traffic jam. How else to better utilize that time? Definitely not making your steering wheel get stuck by placing the Wheelmate Steering Wheel Desk Tray, that’s for sure. This is useful only if you’re a fan of drive throughs and want a decent place to snack, but then again looking at it, only those who do not have a bulging tummy will appreciate this – otherwise, you probably won’t fit. Amazon is carrying the Wheelmate Steering Wheel Desk Tray for $25.

Source: Gizmodiva

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