Laptop Burka won’t make you popular

by ally - on September 23rd, 2009


Anyone with a laptop has discovered at some point that it’s not so easy to work on your laptop outside when the sun is glaring down on you.  Well now you can own a Laptop Burka, a name that’s bound to cause a little controversy.  No one else will be able to see what you’re watching on your laptop and quite frankly no one will want to go anywhere near you either.  You can purchase your own for $16.95 and you’ll be able to watch your social life disappear entirely.

Source: GadgetLab

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  1. Lowtech says:

    Who brought this computer shade to the market? WOW !!! Could it be the high tech anti glare filter companies ? NO couldnt be them because they dont work outside ! I know it was the half shell computer shade companies UH wait, couldnt be them they let the other 50% of the glare in. I know it was a tech writer right ? But how could that be it’s not cool enough for them to bring it to market so it wasnt them. Maybe it was a computer company noop! mother nature stops them at the door to the outdoors ! You dont suppose it could be a computer user do you ? Someone who has to use a laptop outdoors for work all the time . That’s it! Someone who really uses a laptop outside all the time . WEEWO ! I was worried for a second that maybe someone in high tech figured it all out that computer users are fed up with the bunk being sold out there as glare free in the extrem outdoors !
    GEEK SHEET by Laptop Burka “will out perform any computer shade or anti glare filter on the high tech market today” Tough for some in the high tech market to digest ! Worried its not cool enough even though it works !
    Although GEEK SHEET wont be for everyone the serious gamer or laptop computer user in the work enviorment outdoors now has a tool that answers the problem to glare .
    Laptop Burka is releasing yet another product line in the near future . Our motto is be a leader not a follwer !

  2. GStore_IE says:

    Its a true fact there are various crazy gadgets available in the market “every now and then Gstore comes across some crazy gadgets………….”

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