Golden Buddha phone for career women

by edwin - on September 13th, 2009

buddha-phoneAre you a hot shot career woman who has it all made? Chances are your seat is a hot potato within the company, and you’ll have to handle a whole load of stress during a day’s work. Why not show the world you’ve got it all down pat with the Golden Buddha handset? Apparently, it comes with genuine jade, pearl powder lacquer and 24k gold plated finish – making it sellable even when it no longer functions as a phone, while boasting a Virtual Prayer Hall for you to send your desperate petitions to the Supreme Buddha whenever you think the world around you is caving in. We think there are better ways to flaunt your wealth when you’ve made it instead of the product description, as retail therapy works every time. Oh, and why not pick up a Vertu on the way?

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