Go Girl female urination device

by edwin - on September 8th, 2009

go-girlIf you’re from the fairer sex and often party hard, chances are you would have had experienced a super long queue at the ladies’ room some time or another. Instead of finding creative ways to cut the line, how about the Go Girl female urination device that is both washable and reusable? Yes, this is made of flexible, medical-grade silicone and you can pick it up alongside optional underwear to let you go as you please without anyone else knowing the better. What happens when you have too much in your bladder for it to hold? That could end up as a potentially embarrassing situation instead. The single pack GoGirl comes with some tissue and biodegradable bag, retailing for $6.99 while a pack of 3 is more economical at $18.99.

Source: Popgadget

3 thoughts on “Go Girl female urination device”

  1. BrunoTR says:

    Uh… I don’t believe this is meant to HOLD anything. It seems to be some kind of ergonomical funnel that would allow women to do their business standing up – they wouldn’t be able to just skip the bathroom line, but they wouldn’t need to sit on any dubious surfaces either. Maybe the special underwear helps you know it’s in the right position?

  2. Lindsey says:

    I own one of these. They aren’t a “container” to hold anything, just a funnel so you can hold it against your body while you take a leak (in the restroom, private spot outdoors, or funneled into a bottle/cup/etc).
    The underwear sold on the site is just like the t-shirt they offer: it’s only regular clothing with their logo so you can advertise the product for them. ; ) You can wear normal undies, your hubby’s boxers, or go commando; there is no difference.
    Speaking as an active and unsheepish female, female urination devices like Urinelle, Freshette, GoGirl, TravelMate and the Sheewee are ALL the zenith of AWESOMENESS. Whether I’m caught out in the rain hunting or don’t want to use a bait bucket fishing, helping cut hay on the farm, or waiting for deer in a treestand…I truly appreciate it. Any woman in a labor-intensive outdoor job or who is physically active (biking, running, hiking, climbing, sportswoman) will likely never let this leave her side.


  3. Shannon Williams says:

    Lindsey is so right on many levels! FUDs are awesome! Especially this new one out called Smartway. Disposable, easy to use, and cheap I love it!

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