DIY iPod dock

by edwin - on September 28th, 2009

diy-ipod-dockiPod docks are dime a dozen these days, and most of them offer performance which are more or less equal, although there are others which sound much better (albeit having to fork out more). If you happen to have plenty of time on your hands with a steady stream of technical know how, how about making your own iPod dock? That’s exactly what this person did, and here’s a short excerpt.

I remembered seeing an old record player/console at an antique store, and that is when my wheels started turning. My plan was to find a console that worked and modify it to be an iPod dock. However, I quickly found that I was able to make its usage much more than an iPod dock. This is a super easy re-purposing of a very cool piece of home audio equipment. The older speakers sound so warm and the teakwood cabinet just looks classy! Now I can chose to listen to my vinyl or my friends can come over and plug in to play anything they want. Not to mention they can just share their iTunes libraries as well!

It will cost you around $200 to come up with this yourself sans iPod, where at that price, you might as well buy a pre-packaged version off-the-shelf without having to go through the headaches and worries of making sure your DIY project works. Still, those who are more hands-on will definitely appreciate this project – different strokes for different folks, I guess.

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