Beer Blaster Liquid Shooter

by edwin - on September 2nd, 2009

Sure, you might have done something stupid and regrettable over the Internet while you were intoxicated, but at least you can’t get people pregnant through an online fling (as long as it does not turn physical, not saying that it ain’t right, either, if you’re cheating on your spouse). Well, perhaps another silly thing you could’ve done when drunk and surfing would be picking up the $22.99 Beer Blaster Liquid Shooter – this blaster comes with enough space to hold a can of soda or beer, where shaking your “ammunition” vigorously before loading it is essential to work nicely. The pressure that builds up within will be unleashed whenever you pull the trigger, thanks to a small needle that will puncture your can. Perfect to make enemies, although it won’t outshoot a Super Soaker with its maximum 10 foot range.

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