Barack Obama Action Figure

by edwin - on September 21st, 2009

obama-figureI can just envision the slogan of the folks who came up with the Barack Obama action figure (never mind that it is not formally endorsed or affiliated with the man himself) – “Change we need!”. The change here is referring to your loose coins that you would collect and part with for the most powerful man in the world’s action figure, where you can always pit him against dinosaurs, or help him save the world against the Decepticons as he rides in Optimus Prime’s trailer before springing into action. We wonder how soon will it be before legal eagles from the White House issue a cease-and-desist letter to prevent this £9.99 action figure from being sold.

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  1. Cloudy McNoggin says:

    Ran a search for Obama Action Figure as I wanted to order some online and ran across this post. Not only do I have the original and one of the Limited Editions (which is now worth about 200 AMERICAN dollars) but I’ve also given them out to friends.

    See, in America there are tens of millions of us who don’t subscribe to the fear laden rants of the fringe lunatics intent on screwing the populous for their own personal gains. And we appreciate having one of the most dynamic, intelligent and thoughtful men in the world leading our country back to greatness. And it’s worth the 11 AMERICAN dollars to have this figure on my desk as a reminder of our good fortune…and yours too.

    And you can bet your ass that this AMERICAN is going to be buying the Michelle Figure when it becomes available.

    YES WE DID! What the hell did YOU do?

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