Air Guitar lets you rock out anyplace anytime

by ally - on September 4th, 2009

With the Guitar Hero craze, guitars of all types have become quite popular.  Anything guitar related is selling much more than before.  Well now you can purchase your very own Air Guitar.  It’ll make sure that you’re fully capable of rocking out no matter where you are.  Even if you find yourself without the luxury of a game console, you’ll still get the enjoyment of rocking out with a fake guitar.  To purchase the Air Guitar it’ll cost you £2.95 or about $5 from Genie Gadgets.

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  1. Arvidson says:

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  2. F. says:

    Good one!

    Health nuts selling purified mountain air guitars in 3..2..1..

    In Germany, it’s against consumer laws to sell products in oversized packaging that contains more than 33% air… But I think there’s an exception when the air IS the product. 🙂

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