Star Wars Inflatable Light-Up Lightsaber

by edwin - on August 6th, 2009

Since Star Wars exploded onto the scene, most kids grew up wishing they had lightsabers to swish around, not knowing just how dangerous a real lightsaber would be in a pair of untrained hands. Well,you need not deprive your kid any longer with the Star Wars Inflatable Light-Up Lightsaber. At least they can have a field day battling it out with one another without having to be poked in the eye by something sharp, while adults who brandish this can always have some post-lunch fun before the boss waltzes in. The Inflatable Light-up Lightsaber measures 20″ long will up whenever you touch the handle.

Source: Craziest Gadgets

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  1. skeev says:

    I had one of these many many years ago and i must say it was hopeless – as cool and handy as it sounds and soon and you starting playing with it the inflatable saber just bends over flaccid where it connects to the handle.

    safe as houses – Fun for about 30 seconds

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