Scotch Tape Dispenser in the shape of a donut

by ally - on August 10th, 2009

Many might wonder why you really need to pay good money just to get a tape dispenser in the shape of a donut.  It’s clearly a practical item though, no one could possibly survive without a donut shaped tape dispenser.  Thankfully, you can rush out and pay your $3.20 and have your very own Scotch Tape plastic donut.  It even comes with a free roll of scotch tape.

Source: RGS

0 thoughts on “Scotch Tape Dispenser in the shape of a donut”

  1. sarrahbastet says:

    I never thought it looked like a donut. I just thought it looked very portable, and bought one to put my double sided sticky tape in one so it would keep lint and stuff from sticking to it like it does in a normal dispenser.

  2. Pencil says:

    I have two of these, they may look childish but they ARE functional.

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