Over the Hill Potty Night Light

by edwin - on August 30th, 2009

Men, have you ever visited toilets that came with the sign, “Men, stand closer – it is shorter than you think!”. Well, you know that no one stays young forever, so when you have partied way too much during the days of your youth and are now trying to live a more sober lifestyle, the consequences of your foolish, youthful actions might just come back to haunt you. Fret not – the Over the Hill Potty Night Light ensures you won’t spray your golden shower just about anywhere whenever you need to take a leak in the middle of the night. It comes with a double-sided tape, letting you attach this to the bottom of any potty lid, lighting up to provide enough guidance. Why not turn on the bathroom light in the first place, eh? The Over the Hill Potty Night Light retails for $6.95 a pot – er, pop.

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