Novelty cash carriers

by edwin - on August 11th, 2009

You never know when you might get mugged these days considering the number of robberies that happen each time you read about it in the morning paper. Heck, snatch thefts have become old hat by now that most people would deem it as yet another rite of passage in life. Well, why not be extra careful and make sure you always have a stash of dough on you even if you have lost your wallet or purse to a thief (or due to your own carelessness)? Sunshine Products has a bunch of cash carriers that come in many forms, and among the more popular ones include cash cans. Perfect for holding a couple of rolls of Benjamins without anyone else knowing the better. Alternatively, there are other offerings that hold toothpicks and even emergency medicine…neat, eh?

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  1. cdfc73 says:

    This is nice. It says a greeting (or whatever) and is a damaging thing. It shows 2 minds on a subject like everyone feels about pretty much everything so DON’T DENY IT!

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