Human Skin Rug – no actual blow-up dolls were harmed in production

by ally - on August 14th, 2009

When staring at this rug fixed in complete shock, only one word comes to mind, disturbing.  It only gets worse as you read through more and more details about the rug.  You see this is created from an actual mold of the artist to give it a little more real look.  Why would anyone create a rug made to look like a skinned human?  Well because they want to work out their parental difficulties of course.  Yes, the entire reason this rug exists is because the designer has Mommy and Daddy issues.  Thankfully it is just a design so you won’t see this rug, by Chrissy Conant, in a store anytime soon.

Source: Gearfuse

0 thoughts on “Human Skin Rug – no actual blow-up dolls were harmed in production”

  1. Michi says:

    It’s so creepy!!!

  2. geeraard says:

    Where are the tits ?

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