Finger Flick Punchbag

by edwin - on August 12th, 2009

Love to see world class boxers prancing about the ring, pummeling the punchbag at blinding speed? The Finger Flick Punchbag allows you to do somewhat the same, although you probably won’t be able to break even a bead of sweat with this. After all, this device is able to “test your strength” with a flick of your finger, helping you get through the day a wee bit faster than normal. $33.99 sounds rather steep to bring one of these home, but at least your desk will have an extremely unique accessory to toy around with. Heck, it would also make a pretty good stress reliever – just print out a copy of your colleague’s face whom you dislike and paste it over while giving a fair number of flicks to get rid of your frustration.

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  1. That is a brilliant idea!

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