Chug It Board Game

by edwin - on August 23rd, 2009

Love having a tipple or a nightcap, regardless of what day it is? How about the Chug It Board Game? Instructions are as follows.

1. Players take turns rolling the die. High score goes first. Players then agree on how much of a drink is considered a “chug.”
2. As you play Chug It Board Game, you will land on squares directing you to perform various activities or answer trivia type questions. If you answer the question or perform the activity then you will win the latter at the stop of the square you landed on.
3.You can get all of the same letter and corner the market or you can trade to help you get the letter you need.
4. First person to collect all the letters that spell out Chug-It wins. It’s a pretty complicated game!

For $14.95, you sure can have plenty of fun alongside additional rules such as heading to the loo without getting a bathroom card will cause you to lose a letter in the process. While it is no fun to play this without alcoholic beverages, we would think getting drunk with this would happen faster than normal…

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