A Heated Blanket Just For Your Cat

by ally - on August 4th, 2009

For those of you that can never seem to pamper your pets quite enough, here’s a gadget to pick up for your cat.  It’s an actual heated blanket specifically for the cat.  It heats your cat to a consistent 192 degrees Fahrenheit.  How much does such a luxury cost?  Well for the 24” x 36” it will cost you $55.99 or you can pick up the larger one measuring 36” x 50” for $87.99.  Keep in mind you can get a people sized twin blanket for only $40, which measures 62” x 82”.  Somehow I just can’t justify a smaller heated blanket that costs more, just for a cat that would be perfectly happy warming themselves up in a windowsill.

Source: TheGreenHead

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