Yummy Dough makes me hungry, too

by edwin - on July 31st, 2009

Back in the days where Play-Doh was not mainstream, moms had to bake their own versions for kids who wanted to sculpt their imagination to life. Once done, these dough can be eaten, although in this day and age kids might find it gross and prefer to stick to their computer games instead. Well, here’s a new edible play dough your your little ones known as Yummy Dough for obvious reasons – this baking mix was developed with vegetable coloring agents only, and when added with water, the powder will change into a smooth modelling clay which can be shaped accordingly. Once you’re happy with the results, slot them into the oven to bake it, turning your handicraft into a delicious snack. £7.95 will net you 113 grams of red, yellow, green and blue Yummy Dough Mix alongside a measuring and modelling tool.

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