USB Panda Hub

by edwin - on July 3rd, 2009

Another day, another USB hub. This time round, we have the USB Panda Hub that is rather creepy when you come to think about it – sure, the product description did mention a “cutie panda design”, boasting four USB ports for you to plug in your various USB devices, but he’ll look more like a mutant monster when done due to the fact that in place of his front legs are the said USB ports, while his rear end stashes another two of those. Imagine sticking in a quartet of USB flash drives in simultaneously – he’ll look like a Dragoon from the Protoss race of the Starcraft universe. We won’t recommend this $11.50 USB Panda Hub to even our worst enemies since it maxes out at USB 1.1. C’mon guys, in this day and age?

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