Remote Controlled Fart Machine #2

by edwin - on July 22nd, 2009

Love playing gags and pranks on others? Perhaps you might be interested in checking out the Remote Controlled Fart Machine #2 – a sequel to the highly successful Remote Control Fart Machine, where you can always stuff the tiny 3″ battery-powered speaker somewhere near the chair, and pressing a remote button whenever someone sits there long enough to embarrass your target. The successor comes with 15 louder sounds, and has a 100 foot radius to boot, ensuring a higher degree of hilarity. This is definitely $14.95 worth spending if you like to see people’s faces turn beetroot red in a formal social situation. If only it was equipped with a stink spray dispenser for added effect…

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  1. Darline says:

    Good afternoon, Happy April Fool’s Day!!

    One day a Jewish Mother and her 8-year-old daughter were walking along the beach, just at the water’s edge. Suddenly, a GIGANTIC wave flashed up on the beach, sweeping the little girl out to sea.
    “Oh, God,” lamented the mother, turning her face toward heaven and shaking her fist. “This was my ONLY baby. I can’t have more children. She is the love and joy of my life. I have cherished every day that she’s been with me. Give her back to me, and I’ll go to the synagogue every day for the rest of my life!!!”
    Suddenly, another GIGANTIC wave flashed up and deposited the girl back on the sand.
    The mother looked up to heaven and said, “She had on a HAT!!!”

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

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