Randy the Rude Gnome Keychain

by edwin - on July 28th, 2009

We’ve seen Randy the Rude Gnome before, but this time round he’s available in the form of a tiny keychain. Definitely not meant for homes of the upright since Randy, despite being small in size, is motion-activated and stands tall in front of the door while giving one a permanent finger. Some of the “welcoming” phrases uttered by this pint-sized fella include :-

  • The best thing about being a garden gnome is that I’m always hard.
  • Hey you, lean down, I wanna tell you something. Come on closer, closer, closer. Now piss off dip sh#t!
  • *farts* Oh man I held that one in for 3 hours waiting for someone to show up.
  • Hey you, my balls are really itchy but I can’t move. Would you mind?
  • Hey you f@#k off!

Those who love toilet humor will be pleased to know that there is no censored version for the Randy The Rude Gnome Keychain. Expect to pick up this little device for $6.95, although the damage it does to your relationships might be irreparable in the long run.

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