i.Saw the USB-Powered Chainsaw

by ally - on July 7th, 2009

This is one of those products that seems highly fishy.  It’s apparently a chainsaw and a very compact one at that.  This chainsaw is said to be the world’s first USB-powered chainsaw.  Of course, it’s not available now, it won’t be shipped out until September of this year.  You can pre-order, well, sort of.  Normally you pay your fee and forget about it until one day it magically shows up at your doorstep.  However, with this they are not accepting money, you merely punch in your email address and hit confirm.  Yet another reason the USB chainsaw seems like it’s just a little too good to be true.

Source:  OhGizmo

0 thoughts on “i.Saw the USB-Powered Chainsaw”

  1. StonzTwo says:

    Really? Seeing as the USB charger for my BlackBerry hardly has enough juice to give the battery more power during heavy use, I have a hard time believing that this chainsaw would have enough power to cut through a few sheets of paper.

  2. noah says:

    it’s a save the trees ad, not an actual chainsaw :/

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