Imperial Walker makes for the ultimate bed

by ally - on July 24th, 2009

This is officially the coolest little kid to walk the face of the earth.  Plus I’m sure the kid thinks that he has the coolest dad on the face of the planet, considering that’s who built the AT-AT bunk bed for him.  The absolute best part of this creation is that the creator was kind enough to post a video on Instructables to help out those who would like to tackle this project themselves.  Technically it’s not really a bunk bed, the creator calls it a loft bed, but it’s not really that either.  The top part isn’t a bed, it’s more like a play area or a fort that just happens to be over the top of the bed.  There’s even an emergency escape hatch at the floor of it for quick getaways.  If you do tackle this one yourself, hopefully you’re just a touch better at artwork than this guy was.

Source: Geekologie

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